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Why? Simply because Conformity Certification Services Ltd (CCS) is…

  •          Accredited. Emirates National Accreditation System (ENAS) – Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology Accreditation; and GAC (GCC Accreditation Centre) - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  •          Approved. Civil Defense approval;
  •          Impartial and Independent Certification Body. An Impartiality Committee selected from Government and Private Sectors to ensures CCS impartial certification services;
  •          Competent. Auditors and Technical Support Team are experienced and with in depth knowledge in relevant technical areas;
  •          Comprehensive on-going marketing support for certified clients.   CCS website is providing relevant certification and scope details of each certified clients which are readily accessible by public; and
  •          A one stop shop for certification (Product certification and system certifications).

The Services Offered:

Product Conformity Scheme – Q-Plus Product Certification

1.       FIRE DOOR

The fire door scheme is appropriate to fire resisting assemblies with glazing, cellulosic, mineral, steel or composite construction and applies to single or multiple moving elements with the following frame material:
  • Timber
  • Metal
  • PVC-U
  • Composite construction, etc.

Door blanks specimens are as follows:

  • Particle board blank 
  • Soft or hardwood lamels, glued together 
  • Soft or hardwood lamels, glued together, then faced with another material (e.g. plywood)
  • Flaxboard assembly
  • Other assemblies of components which may be further worked into a doorset or door leaf
Doorsets includes the following:
  •       Door
  •       Chute shutters
  •       Roller Shutters
  •       Fire Reel Hose Cabinet Shutters, etc.


The fire partitions (building enclosure) scheme is appropriate to fire resisting partitions such as plain and composite panel and assemblies and other form of building enclosures as follows:
  •       Concrete, reinforced or composite panel
  •       Fully Glazed with metal or wooden framing system
  •       Concrete hollow and solid blocks
  •       Particle or plaster board
  •       Plain or composite(or sandwich) panel
  •       Sheets or membranes, etc.

Other Services:


Site inspection of installed or in-site Fire Door, Partitions, Wall, Ceiling and other form of building nclosures.


Verification of products and processes for fire rated certified materials and other materials (i.e. Porta Cabins, Pipes, Tubes etc.) which are composed of the following:

  •       Internal Wall Lining
  •       External Wall Cladding
  •       Flooring
  •       Ceiling
  •       Pipes
  •       Tubes, etc.


      Chain of Custody – FSC, PEFC, and Forest Product schemes

      Quality Management – ISO 9001

Management system standard that continually improves, develop and optimize operational procedures and processes which provide consistency in acquiring high quality services and products to any organization.

      Environmental Management – ISO 14001

      Management system standard that systematically mitigate waste pollution and any harmful effects it may have on the environment and will help to achieve an environmentally friendly organization.

      Occupational Health and Safety Management – OHSAS 18001

      Management system standard which is an effective method for developing occupational health and safety, implementing preventive measures and evaluating workplace hazards to your organization.

      Energy Management System - ISO 50001

      Management system standard that promotes the best energy management practices which control and reduce energy waste.

      Information Security Management System– ISO 27001

      Management system standard is a systematic approach in securing your company’s information assets by applying risk assessment processes.

      Food Safety Management – ISO 22000

Quality systems that validates food suppliers , manufacturers and consumers which ensures the food has been prepared, produced, handled, packaged and transported to the excellent possible standard.

      Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)

Quality assurance practices that ensure products are efficiently produced and controlled to the quality standard in conforming to the regulatory requirements by health authorities and a fundamental system to any manufacturing industry to be implemented for validating critical processes in producing high quality products.

      Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

A system that will facilitate the food and catering industry to evaluate the causes of food safety hazards and applying the preventive controls and critical points into the design and manufacturing of the products.

4.      TRAINING COURSES for the following areas:

  •       Quality
  •       Environment
  •       Health and Safety
  •       Integrated Management Systems
  •       Chain of Custody
  • Particle board blank 
  • Soft or hardwood lamels, glued together 
  • Soft or hardwood lamels, glued together, then faced with another material (e.g. plywood)
  • Flaxboard assembly
  • Other assemblies of components which may be further worked into a doorset or door leaf

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